How to Train Your Fiber: 2 part series


How to Train Your Fiber   2 part Series

Friday 9-12 Washing and dyeing and Saturday 1-4 pm Carding and blending


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Instructor: Roo Kline

Part 1 Friday 9 am-12 noon and Part Two Saturday 1-4 pm

It’s easy to feel intimidated by raw (unwashed, straight off the animal) fleeces. However, with some basic knowledge under your belt and realizing that YOU have the upper hand, a whole new relationship with fiber begins. There is no need to fear those filled bags any longer, at the end of this class you’ll be able to open them up and get to work, letting your imagination and creativity guide you. This class is designed for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS, building a solid foundation from which to expand into whichever direction you choose. What you learn in this class are the exact same techniques that Roo uses in her own studio, presented in an easy to understand format. Classes are relaxed and casual, ensuring you have a wonderful experience. By the time you go home you’ll feel confident and inspired. However, be prepared for a lot of hands on work, as you learn best by doing. This is definitely not a boring sit-down class!

PART 1 – Fiber Preparation Fri 9-12

The workshop begins with a round table introduction to alpaca fleeces from a processing stand point – which are suitable to do by hand and which should be sent to the mill? The rest of the time is then spent doing several activities:

– skirting an alpaca fleece as a group
– washing a piece of fleece using Unicorn Power Scour
– dyeing the washed fleece with professional acid dyes
– laying the dyed fiber out to dry

PART 2 – Carding Sat 1-4

Using Strauch Petite drum carders, you’ll be carding washed and dyed alpaca fiber into beautiful carded batts for spinning, felting, or other fiber art applications. Roo will give you an overview of drum carder terminology and explain why the Strauch carders are so perfect for alpaca. During this segment of the workshop you will be:

– carding 100% alpaca
– carding an embellished batt
– creating your own roving using a diz
– creating rolags on a drum carder

During the course of the workshop you’ll also learn about different blending fibers and blending methods, sparkle, packaging, and pricing.

Cost of the entire workshop: $100 No Materials fee

Choose this option to attend BOTH sessions

Limit 12 students

How to Train Your Fiber   2 part Series

Friday 9-12 Washing and dyeing and Saturday 1-4 pm Carding and blending